[ Book Review ] When being a healer is a death sentence.

A Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder (Healer #1)

When the plague broke out, the healers could do nothing for the sickness, and so were blamed for it. Three years later, Avry – once an apprentice healer, now a fugitive – is on the run, hunted because of what she is. But when she is finally caught by an armed group, Kerrick, their leader, doesn’t want her for the bounty. He doesn’t want her dead–at least, not until she does one more healing for him. And the person Kerrick wants healed? Prince Ryne, a man Avry would rather die than save.

Avry is the kind of smart, tough heroine that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing in Snyder’s novels. As Avry finds herself trekking across the lands, dodging mercenaries and the deadly creatures that decimate the landscape, she is forced into uneasy alliances with the people who want to use her. A Touch of Power is a promising opening to the series.  But it can also be read as a completely self-contained (and fully satisfying) stand-alone novel.

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