Book Review: When the wrong one loves you right…in a swamp.

Book Review: Beneath the Thirteen Moons by Kathryne Kennedy

The last time the sickness visited Mahri Zin’s village, she lost her husband and child because the Healers refused to help swamp smugglers. This time, Mahri travels to the capital, knocks out a Healer, and dumps him over the wall into her boat. But the man she snatches turns out to be the arrogant heir apparent, Prince Korl Com’nder, and his enemies seize this opportunity to do their damnest to kill him. Suddenly, it’s up to Mahri to save the prince’s life–and perhaps convince him that the lives of her loved ones are worth saving too.

Now what I expected from the book was that culture clash between Mahri and Korl, his dawning understanding of how the other side lives, and a budding attraction for the entirely socially unacceptable swamp smuggler.

On Mahri’s end, I couldn’t wait to follow the slow recovery from the grief over her family’s death and her coming to grips with her feelings for the man who’s an integral part of the system responsible for her loss. The book would be one part fantasy, one part romance, and one part careful study of the clash of cultures and cultural classes!

“What are you going on about?” my reading friend said. “You knew exactly what you were getting into. There’s a shirtless guy on the cover.”

Well, yes, okay, there is.

So I’ll just dive into the bad, the good, and the shirtless…

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