[Book Review] All gods should spend some time as tortoises

Meg’s Review: Small Gods

Terry Pratchett — Small Gods

By the Power of Om!Terry Pratchett is one of those untouchable authors. He’s like Grisham or King — so prolific that to pick up a random novel and attempt to review it is like a beating a really dead horse with a particularly ineffective necromancy stick. But here at The Canary Review, we are nothing if not obliviously obstinate. So here goes.

Discworld novels are notoriously difficult to summarize, but I shall endeavor to corral the basic premise of Small Gods:  in the process of attempting to transmute into a giant bull to do some smiting, The Great God Om finds himself in the form of a tortoise. And what’s worse, he can’t un-tortoise himself. And what’s even worse is that none of his believers in the entire land of Omnia can hear his commands/smites/pleas. And what’s even worse-worse is that when he does find an open ear, it’s in the form of Brutha, a bumbling priest-in-training. Together, Brutha and Om must find a way to save the small god from disappearing entirely, one reluctant way or another. Continue reading