[ Book Review ] The Firebird That Wasn’t

Firebirds: an Anthology of Original Fantasy and Science Fiction

edited by Sharyn November

In Russian fairytales, the firebird is a kind of glowy Gandalf who helps the main character overcome man-eating wolves, immortal evil overlords, and overprotective fathers. She is not to be confused with a phoenix (depicted to the right), a Middle-Eastern (and/or Greco-Asian) mythological creature that rises from the ashes every time it croaks and appears in the Harry Potter books to grant the main characters a variety of minor cheats.

I haven’t seen many western takes on the firebird folktales, (Mercedes Lackey’s Firebird comes to mind; comment if you know of any others!), so I was so very excited to pick up Firebirds, an anthology of short stories by superfamous YA and Fantasy authors, celebrating Penguin Group’s new “Firebird” imprint. Continue reading