[ Book Review ] The Son of Neptune is questing once again

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

(Book #2 of  The Heroes of Olympus)

This review will contain spoilers for The Lost Hero.

I’m pretty pissed at Rick Riordan right now.

But why, Meg? you ask. Riordan is your favorite.

I ended up listening to the last hundred-or-so pages via audiobook when I discovered that the reader for The Son of Neptune was actually palatable. Around the 30-minutes-left mark, I started to get anxious.

The narrative wasn’t as far as I wanted it to be. This whole book, I’ve been waiting for the characters from The Lost Hero to show up, but there just wasn’t time to do it justice. The minutes ticked away, and I started to verbally cuss at iTunes. By the time the Audible tag played at the end, I was positively fuming.

Yes, I’m mad. Now I have to wait a full year before I find out what happens with that delightful, torturous cliffhanger.

Let me lay it out for you: Continue reading