[ Book Review ] Indie Series: The River Within

Earlier this month, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of independent publishing. I knew it existed, of course, but in that vague way the Queen of England or my brother’s Lego collection exist. I recalled it when reading Regnancy romances or shopping for an I’m-sorry-okay bribe, but that was about the breadth of my interest. But here was an enormous world of books, and authors, and potential reviews. I will start my independent eBooks review series with…

The River Within By Baxter Clare Trautman

(3.5 canaries, but I couldn’t bring myself to pop a poor canary in half)

The story:

Greer Madison, Foreign Correspondent, has breathed war for the last thirty years.  She’s the best there is. But when a colleague dies trying to reach her, something inside her breaks. Greer finds herself back in the States, nursing her injuries at the house of her long-time friend, Darlene.

Darlene too is a casualty of war. After the death of her son, Chris, the last thing she needs is her perceptive friend rattling her carefully-crafted mask of normalcy and the lies she’s built to protect her family from the truth of Chris’ death.

Kate, Darlene’s daughter, is a young woman with the perfect fiancé, the perfect wedding, and the perfect job.   But somewhere in the year or so after Chris’ death, she’s misplaced her life and she doesn’t know where to look for it–or even if she should. It’s a life she glimpses when she meets Greer, drawn to the battered reporter as if to flame.

Each woman lives in her own pain-numbed world, and each knows her balancing act cannot last. When the truths come out, will there be anything left of them? Continue reading