Small Chirps: National Library Week

For over fifty years, the American Library Association has sponsored National Library Week, a national observance that’s all about aknowledging the wonderful, book-filled places called libraries and the people who staff them. Held in the US during the second full week of April, this year’s Library week will run from April 8th to Saturday, April 14th. Continue reading

[ Small Chirps ] Digital Libraries the Future?

I am a library kid. Around age 9, I discovered that our local library had the entire Baby Sitters Club series on its shelf. Ever since, I’ve been a loyal library goer. My motto when it comes to books is, Why buy when you can borrow?

With my reading speed, that’s good news for my wallet.

However, last night I realized something. I don’t go to the library anymore.

Instead, I’m borrowing all of my library books online.

Now, I’m all for brick and mortar bookstores and I’m a strong advocate of physical books. There’s something wonderful about holding a real book in your hands, etc., etc… But let’s face it, digital books are really convenient. More than that, downloading audiobooks onto my mp3 player is a snap with my online library account.

So what do you think, canaries?

Is this a new and more convenient way to read for a new generation?

Or is this yet another symptom of a dying era of real readers and ‘real’ books?