[Book Review] A druid, a dog, and a witch walk into a bar…

Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Book 1 of the Iron Druid Chronicles

Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #1)I wish someone had told me ages ago that this book isn’t about a teen discovering his powers and going off to a Hogwarts-for-Druids to have Percy-Jackson-like adventures. After hearing cautionary tales about what happens in books when teens discover they have superpowers, I steeled myself and picked up the book.

But it turns out, the main character isn’t a teen at all – he’s ancient. Discovering that in the first few pages made me super-curious. How was Kevin Hearne gonna pull off a character who had been born only a little after the close of the iron age?

The answer: he’s very good at pretending to 21, with occasional flashes of old.

Born over two thousand years ago, Siodhachan (pronounced SHE-a-han) has since moved to Arizona and changed his name to a more reader-friendly Atticus O’Sullivan. Now he lives with his talking hound familiar, watches over a magic sword, and is doing his very best to stay under the supernatural radar. When you’re as old as Atticus, you have plenty of baggage, and gods hold grudges forever. One Celtic god in particular wants Atticus’ head on a stick, and he’s just tracked Atticus down. Continue reading