[Book Review] Rumors of dragons, and a handsome bloke

Heart of the Dragon’s Realm by Karalynn Lee

When Princess Kimri’s brother sells her to the ruler of the mountain kingdom of Helsmont in exchange for peace and a hundred swords, Kimri knows she has to go through with the bargain. Her own war-wracked kingdom can’t afford to be enemies with the enigmatic King Tathan.

But Helsmont is nothing like what she expected and instead of dragging her down the aisle, King Tathan promises her a year before she has to decide whether to marry him at all. Before long, Kimri begins to wonder whether there just might be a future for her in Helsmont – and finds herself having to make a heartbreaking choice between her past and her future.

I know, I know. That last bit is terribly dramatic. But there really is no way to tell you more without giving the plot away! Trust me, there are some fun twists involved. Continue reading