[Small Chirp] Weight of the Golden Fleece, or math in fantasy concepts

I’m the kind of reader who can get caught up on the details. One of the delightful and delicious things about fantasy and science fiction is the freedom authors have to craft crazy worlds and play with speculative concepts. But I also expect these worlds to have internal integrity – in other words, I want it all to make sense. So when an author tells me salt is a luxury and people live on the very basics in a medieval village far from any trading routes, I find myself wondering why the village windows are made of glass. Devil in the details.

A couple days ago, author @ilona_andrews posted a tweet about something most writers encounter at least half-a-dozen times when writing a book: “What would this cool idea really mean for my fantasy world?”

In this case, the question was about the weight of a pelt of gold: Continue reading