[ Book Review ] Harry Dresden’s Ghost Takes a Stroll

Meg’s Advanced Review: Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

This review will be free of Ghost Story spoilers (outside what has already been released by the publishers). All other books in the series are fair game.

I really thought that my happiest nerd moment this past weekend would be my trip halfway across the country to see Harry Potter.

I was so, so wrong.

The day after the midnight premiere, my ex-roommate/best friend #1 walked into the living room with her phone thrust in front of her.

“My mom is at the used bookstore,” she said. This was not entirely odd, as her mother practically lives at a used bookstore. But her tone said something else was afoot. “Look what she’s found.”

And there, on her phone, was a picture of Ghost Story. Dresden Files book thirteen. Just sitting on the shelf.

Two weeks before it was supposed to be there. Continue reading