[Small Chirp] Tattoos, Name That Author, & Gender Politics at the National Book Festival

Today is the second day of the National Book Festival and – coincidentally – the beginning of this year’s banned book week. (You can read about my yesterday here.)

Gorgeous day to be reading


Today, the weather was gorgeous, the readers were everywhere, and if you were at the Teen Fiction pavilion at 3:20pm today, you too were handsomely trolled by Tamora Pierce! Continue reading

[Small Chirp] Rain and Disappeared Author at the National Book Festival

Today was the first day of the annual National Book Festival in Washington DC – and it was great! It began raining about half-way through the day, but that did absolutely nothing to dampen the festive spirit.

View from National MallCarousel at the National Book Festival

Unfortunately, one of my big reasons to go – beyond the awesome author lineup (can anyone say Margaret Atwood, Veronica Roth, and Holly Black?) – had been mysteriously disappeared when I swung by the signing lines to get a book signed for my kid brother. Twitter  cleared everything up, though – a delayed flight kept Jonathan Maberry from the Festival. Sorry bro! I don’t suppose you’re a Joyce Carol Oates fan? Continue reading