[Small Chirp] The rolling of the Wheel of Time, and its finale

Fortune rides like the sun on high
with the fox that makes the ravens fly.
Luck his soul, the lightning his eye,
He snatches the moons from out of the sky.

from Crossroads of Twilight.

Robert Jordan books 1-11A writer who has tried his hand at historical fiction, westerns, and even dance criticism under various pen names, James Oliver Rigney, found his niche and a loyal world-wide following in the Fantasy genre as Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time series. The much-anticipated last book of the 14-part series, A Memory of Light, has been released today, January 8th, six years after Robert Jordan’s death in 2007 and will be the finale of over two decades of The Wheel of Time series, the first book of which (Eye of the World) was published in 1990 by Tor.

Beginning as an archetypal hero’s journey when young Rand is yanked out of his comfortable farmer village life by mysterious and powerful forces of prophecy, it soon grows and splits into a true high fantasy epic following over a dozen characters across 14 books. With each hardcover averaging around 800 pages, it’s a series for people who enjoy multi-book epics and fans of Tolkien, Game of Thrones, and Shannara. Continue reading

Indie Book Review: So many plots, so little time.

Children of Sun and Moon by Matt Larkin


(Book 1 of the Skyfall Trilogy)

For generations, the children of the moon have been at war with the children of the sun. So when the Lunar King sues for peace and offers his daughter, Ratna, to a marriage with the young Solar King, the two war-torn civilizations are faced with the prospect of peace–or imminent treachery.

Chandi, Ratna’s handmaiden and a powerful Moon warrior in her own right, is sent to protect her cousin and spy on the Solars. But the years go by and the Solars seem sincere in their peace efforts. But peace is a fragile thing, and when Chandi is asked to sacrifice everything–her new, reluctantly-accepted home, her blossoming romance with a Solar warrior, and her life–for her country, she finds herself forced to choose between her past and her future, her duty and her heart. Continue reading