[Book Review] Romance on the lam

Book Review: Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold

Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (Vorkosigan Saga, #15)(Vorkosigan Saga #15)

I can’t believe it’s been fifteen books already. Here is the latest installment in this military space opera series, following Ivan Vorpatril. In the past, Ivan has played the Watson to the series protagonist Miles’ Sherlock Holmes. But with Captin Vorpatril’s Alliance, it’s his turn to get his very own book.

Captain Ivan Vorpatril, confirmed bachelor, is happy as an admiral’s aide on an easy assignment, far from the politicking of the empire. On the other side of town, Tej Arqua and the exotic blue-skinned Rish are on the run, assassins on their heels and a price on their heads.

And of course, Tej and Rish’s troubles soon become Ivan’s very big and inconvenient problem. 

Bujold does it again – the novel is a rollercoaster of plots and resolutions, all with the humor and wit we’ve come to expect and love in her Miles’ series. I wasn’t very keen on reading a book from Ivan’s point of view (he’d never really struck me as an exciting character), but man, was I wrong. Ivan is great. He’s my favorite. I want more books about Ivan.  Continue reading

[Book Review] That is one hard-to-kill hero

Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold

The Curse of Chalion (Chalion, #1)What’s better than reading a book? Well, reading an awesome book.

What’s better than reading an awesome book? Reading an awesome book with a friend.

Kat and I teamed up and threw ourselves into Bujold’s first book in the Chalion series, The Curse of Chalion. I don’t know about Kat, but I fell in love with Cazaril, the book’s main character, almost from page 1.

Once a commander of a fortress under siege and a loyal man in the royal service, Cazaril has had his spirit and body broken in the slave galleys. Making his way home on across the country on foot, all he wants is a small household where he can quietly live out there rest of his life, far from the politics of the capital and the enemies who want him dead.

But when he returns to Chalion, he is swept back into the world of conniving nobility and the blighted royal court of Cardegoss, charged with serving as the tutor-secretary to Iselle, the clear-eyed sister to the heir to the throne. As enemies circle and a curse over the house of Chalion gnaws away at the royal family, Cazaril finds himself the only man standing between his young charge and the abyss. Continue reading