[Advanced Book Review] Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce

Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce

Release date: September 24, 2013

Battle Magic (Circle Reforged, #3)There are just a couple days left before Battle Magic comes out! We got a bit of a tease about what happens in this book in Will of the Empress (2005) and Melting Stones (2007), both of which happen chronologically after Battle Magic. But now we get all those blanks filled in. When nature mages Briar, Rosethorn, and Evvy stop by the emperor’s summer palace as honored guests, they discover the Emperor’s plans to invade a neighboring country. In a race against time, the three mages have to figure out a way to escape the cruel Emperor’s court to warn their friends and allies of the impending attack.

We get wit, brutal tragedy, adventure, and fantastical creatures. Alongside the compelling characters and fun callbacks to previous books, we also get one of the emotionally heaviest books to date. Like, mass graves and a torture scene sort of heavy. Then again, Pierce has never shied away from intensity in her YA, and each subsequent book has pushed the envelope just a bit more. If you love this series (especially the last two books), this is a good addition. If the last couple books made you uncomfortable, then so will this one.

Speaking of books, Battle Magic is the third novel in the third series in the “Circle” universe. For those of you who haven’t read the books, here’s what you should know and more than you ever thought to needed to know. (If you’ve read the books, skip down!) Continue reading