[ Book Review ] Dakota Frost: The Other Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

Frost Moon by Anthony Francis

Dakota Frost novel #1

My first impression of Frost Moon was overwhelmingly positive. It sounded like I would be getting an Urban Fantasy written by a male author about a freakishly tall, lesbian (turns out she’s actually bi) magic-tattoo artist in a world where magic is in the open, but still on the margins of mainstream society. As the story begins, we learn that our heroine’s ex was a doctoral candidate who–to better research vampires–became one, and a werewolf with control issues wants the reluctant Dakota Frost to tattoo him with a Nazi charm. Call me intrigued.

The novel’s main strength is in its concepts–the world it builds (but isn’t able to maintain to any degree of believability) is intriguing and the main character screams promise. It doesn’t hurt that ever since our MoonBlindCanary put out her award-winning tattoo-and-demon-magic short story, I’ve been hopelessly fascinated with seeing how different authors use tattoos in Urban Fantasy. Continue reading