[Book Review] That’s one way to make it in New York


Book Review: Omega Rising by Jessica Meats

What’s this? A quick 90-page novella of a story about a down-on-her-luck Jenny who moves to New York City in hopes of getting a minimum wage job to cover her rent, only to find herself hired by a security firm and leading a secret battle against aliens.

I know, right?

The first half of this story has a sort of noir spy novel feel meets X-Files. As the story rolls across the halfway point and the action ramps up, the tone shifts to something more YA and frenetic – a cacophony of action and romance and revelations, bam into an ending that wraps up some mysteries, and sets up the sequels.

The story begins at a slower pace, but keeps you interested with foreshadowing. In fact, the book takes on a very narrative approach, as if the main character really is telling you about what happened – which, at the end, the story reveals is just a case. The story is a testimony – but to whom and under what circumstances, well, that remains a mystery.

Book provided for review by the publisher.


Canary Verdict: 

The opening won me over, but I wasn’t sold on the rest.

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