[Book Review] Girl meets cyborg, starts a war

Book Review: Wanted and Wired by Vivien Jackson


A mercenary running from a past she can’t remember, a renegade scientist running from a past he can’t forget. What more can you ask for? Throw in a double-cross, explosions, hacking, cyberpunk shenanigans, plenty of heat, and you got something.

It’s a fun read, light on the plot, good with the pacing, with a kind of space opera romance vibe without the space part (well, mostly). It’s a partners-to-lovers story with sizzling romance that builds on the characters’ long history of working and relying on each other.

In a world of implants and tech upgrades, Mari is one of the few who has made no mods to her body. The disillusioned daughter of a one of the world’s most renown (and now, missing) scientists, she’s just as happy to be all organic. Her partner, Heron, on the other hand, has so much illegal tech in his body, he isn’t sure if he still qualifies as human. Both Heron and Mari have reason to believe the other is uninterested, and both are hiding plenty of secrets, and that keeps the will-they-won’t-they tension ratcheted up to 11 throughout.

It’s marked as sci-fi paranormal, but there aren’t actually any paranormal elements to it. Just super science. Ya know, the whole thing about sufficiently advanced science being indistinguishable from magic? There’s a lot of that.

The book also clearly sets up the series of different couples finding each other. Looking forward to see where it goes next.

Canary Verdict:

(three and a half stars)

Book provided for review by the publisher.

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