A dive into the mine shaft


Brbrothersruinother’s Ruin by Emma Newman

I wasn’t a fan of Charlotte Holmes, lady detective in A Study of Scarlet Women, but maybe I’ll have better luck with Emma Newman’s Charlotte Gunn.

It’s alt history with heroine Charlotte, who has to follow her brother to the magic academy to pretend to be his assistant and  help him fake his nonexistent powers…and there’s a sinister Doctor Ledbetter whose sinister plotting Charlotte must foil.

Sounds good so far, right? Let’s see what happens.

brimstoneBrimstone by Cherie Priest

Another alt history escapade from the author of Boneshaker. Tomas Cordero is a shattered man, haunted by the death of his wife and by the atrocities he’s seen and perpetuated during the first World War. Alice Dartle is a clairvoyant who dreams of fire. Let the steampunk mystery and adventure begin.

And maybe romance?

stoleninkStolen Ink by Holly Evans

I have a weakness for stories that involve magical tattoos, so whenever I spot one, of course I go for it. Here’s Stolen Ink.

Dacian is a a tattoo magician pretending that he isn’t a mythical ink magician who can do more than draw with ink, but control the very foundation of ink magic. In the meantime, vicious murders are happening across his city, and the person committing the crimes might just be another ink magician. So, you know, Dacien’s problem.

Can’t wait to see how this one shakes out.

A few other books on my reading list:

brothersinarms deathblackhole dollarspy redmars

What are you reading?


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