[Book Review] Clocks, souls, and a bunch of pissed off werewolves

Shade Chaser by Clara Coulson

Shade Chaser.png

In the last book, we had rookie detective Calvin Kinsey take on an ancient, angry god-entity as it tried to murder its way through Aurora, Michigan. In Shade Chaser, murder and mayhem are afoot once again. When the former mayor, prominent city witch, and a local ware wolf are found brutally murdered in the basement of a popular city bar, it’s up to Cal and his gang of elite investigators to unravel an interspecies conspiracy.

Things (and buildings) continue to explode all over the place. Bodies are discovered in unexpected places. Cal continues to make questionable life choices.

And I just plain loved the big baddie what appeared at the end of the story.

New mysteries abound as well – there’s a new and secretive ally, a deadly threat, a (maybe) impending war, and a deadly werewolf plot. And, of course, in the long-standing tradition of urban fantasy, Cal gets the shit kicked out of him. A lot.

If you liked the first book, good news; this storyline eventually ties back to the mysteries in Soul Breaker, with tantalizing hints of what’s to come. If you enjoyed Soul Breaker, this one is very much of the same cloth, both the good (the pacing, mystery, characters) and the not-so (the stiff dialogue, the occasional odd choice). We also continue to get hints that there might be more to Cal than meets the eye – and not just because of his fixation on being the hero.

Unlike in Soul Breaker, the final battle is won less through Cal’s wits and skills, and more through (and even the book admits this) a bit of deus ex machina. And while that’s a bit of a disappointment, when you’re as outmatched as Cal is, you can’t really be expected to take on all the mega villains all on your own. Sometimes, just surviving is impressive enough.

Just as fast-paced as its predecessor, a definite add to the bookshelf.

Canary verdict:

Book provided for review by the author.

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