Buddy Read with Tash | The 5th Wave

Last month, I dove into The Handmaid’s Tale and talked genre drift and the flavors of oppression across the books different international covers. (Check out Tash’s great insights here.)

thefifthwaveThis month, we decided to go in the Teen Alien Invasion Romance direction and tackle Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave. After all, the movie version just came out, it’s streaming on Amazon, AND the trailer promises an alien invasion with aliens taking over human brains. Who’s infested? Who’s still human? NO ONE KNOWS.

And also because, clearly, I learned nothing from watching The Host.

fifth-waveOnward to this month’s buddy read! Will heroine Cassie be able to dodge the murderous invading aliens? Can she save her little brother? Is Cassie’s mysterious perfect boyfriend an alien? Will Word ever stop trying to auto-superscript the “th” on 5th?

Watch this space more rhetorical questions and canary book-watching chatter.

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