Love, ghosts, and traitors in WWI London

The Book I Ended Up Reading. Cuz Cover.

Ghost Talkers

Yep. It’s historic fantasy, a genre I don’t often read, but after a couple weeks of agony and watching the publication date of this new release creep up on me (and past), I broke down and went for it.

Man, am I glad I did.

The Plot:

London. World War I. Ginger Stuyvesant is an American heiress and a powerful medium serving in the British Spirit Corps, a secret, spiritualist force in the military tasked with hearing the field reports of dead soldiers and passing along military intelligence.

But with the discovery that there may be a traitor looking to take down the Spirit Corps from the inside, Ginger and her fiancé and intelligence officer, Captain Benjamin Hartshorne, start digging for the truth – Ben from the front lines, and Ginger through headquarter politics. As Ginger begins to piece together the threads of a much larger conspiracy to take down the Spirit Corps, staying safe and behind the lines may not be an option.


In Ghost Talkers, Kowal crafted a deliciously clever and, at the same time, wonderfully familiar alternate universe. It’s history as we know it, except spiritualism is real. Mediums can talk to ghosts. And the British army is taking full advantage of it. It’s a “What if” of the best sort.

This clever concept and world design is a framework for some great characters. From each member of Ginger’s medium circle to the people Ginger met during her investigations, each was unique and well defined, with their own quirks and personalities.

The suspense never let up, not even to the end when the mysteries were resolved, but so much was left at stake. Banter between Ginger and Ben was wonderful, even as their lives took a darker turn.

This book straddles the history, romance, and mystery divide. If it were an animal, it’d be all sorts of cool. If it were a fruit, it would be delicious and full of layers and seeds to navigate on the way to its satisfying center.

The Verdict:  

(If there’s ever a sequel, I’ll read it!)



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