The Cover Made Me Read It: Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski

This one is a little different. It’s not fantasy. It’s not Science Fiction. It’s not even speculative or young adult. It’s a suspense/thriller/assassin/romance. But just look at those covers. (You get two, because I couldn’t pick editions.)

The Book I Ended Up Reading. Cuz Cover.

Killing Sarai Killing Sarai2

The Plot: “Sarai was only fourteen when her mother uprooted her to live in Mexico with a notorious drug lord. Over time she forgot what it was like to live a normal life, but she never let go of her hope to escape the compound where she has been held for the past nine years.

Victor is a cold-blooded assassin who, like Sarai, has known only death and violence since he was a young boy. When Victor arrives at the compound to collect details and payment for a hit, Sarai sees him as her only opportunity for escape. But things don’t go as planned and instead of finding transport back to Tucson, she finds herself free from one dangerous man and caught in the clutches of another.”

Impressions:  I’ve been looking for a good assassin romance, which is pretty darn hard to find because unless it’s an assassin rom-com, it’s kinda hard to overlook that the hero of the story murders for a living. I thought I’d finally found that good balance in Killing Sarai. It starts so strong! And then…

You know, I had a similar problem with the last romance I got based on the cover (The Master of Crows); once the romance part kicks in, there’s a part of me that balks and starts wondering if that emotional attachment is the heroine’s coping mechanism.

That we shifted to a new plot and subplot about halfway through the book didn’t help my discombobulation. Still, great start, entertaining, fast-paced, and with compelling characters.

The Verdict:  

 happy-canary-tinyhappy-canary-tiny where-canary-tinywhere-canary-tinywhere-canary-tiny

(Ups and downs. Final verdict: s’okay.)

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