[Small Chirp] National Book Festival 2013 coming up soon!

September 21-22 will mark the 2013 Library of Congress National Book Festival, an annual event full of huge tents, author speaking events, and books everywhere, all taking place on the lawn of the National Mall in DC.

And before you ask, of course I’m going. And no, it’s never too early to fangirl.

Here are some names of interest this year…

Ship Breaker (Ship Breaker, #1)In the Junior/YA category, my eyes are drawn to Paolo Bacigalupi whose book Ship Breaker got a 3 canary rating and who might be familiar from titles like The Windup Girl and Zombie Baseball Beatdown. Katherine Applegate will be there – you know, the co-author of Animorphs. And then there’s Susan Cooper. Remember The Dark Is Rising? Nuff said.

Holly Black of Tithe and The Spiderwick Chronicles, will also be speaking at the event, as well as Veronica Roth, the author of the Divergent series. Finally, my little canary heart went into small palpitations of excitement when I saw Tamora Pierce on the list, author of all those books I loved as a kid. I can’t wait to hear some more juicy rumors about she’s working on next. (I hear Alanna’s preggers again. Could it be true? If Tortall had a tabloid, I’d be subscribed)

Trading in Danger (Vatta's War, #1)In the Fantasy/Science Fiction category, the pickings are slim this year. Margeret Atwood is listed under Fiction and Mystery section (I guess I can see why) and under the list of authors under Graphic Novels and Science Fiction, I recognize only Elizabeth Moon, author of the space opera about a military academy dropout turned kickass captain, and of titles like The Speed of Dark.

You can see the full list of authors coming to the National Book Festival here – and the disappointing lack in the Sci-fi genre, especially as a follow-up to last year’s showing (Bujold, Vinge, Poalini, Charlaine Harris…).

Popping out of my usual genres, I also fully plan to swing by Khaled Hosseini‘s tent this September to get my copy of The Kite Runner signed, and then to go over to stare at Joyce Carol Oates a bit before I head on home.

Who would you most like me to cover during the festival?

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