[Small Chirps] Reading back on 2012

The New Year is right around the corner and less than 12 hours away from its rendezvous with 2012. It’s time to start prepping for our canary reading resolutions for 2013, fluttering our wings happily over all the wonderful, upcoming book releases, and (of course) time to take a fond, farewell look at 2012. In this post, we’re gonna do a sweep through – and a sweep up! – of all our top read, most loved and curiously odd posts and thoughts of this last year. Here are our…

…Top Read Posts of 2012:

Our Canary Favorites of 2012:

With over 150 books read this year and 125 articles posted, this is gonna be a hard one. But we’ll try anyway! Here are some of our personal favorite posts written in 2012…

  • A New Year – and Dragons! – It’s only fitting to finish up the Year of the Dragon with a salute to our favorite dragons. A gold-hoarding dragon, a dragon in a cupboard, and an evil, button-eye dragon mother…who’s your favorite dragon in fantasy?
  • Death, With Feeling (a review of Michael Scott’s The Magician)  – A review that immortalized a terribly undescriptive description, and throws a glowstick into the depths of the book doompit that is the overabundance of ‘ly’ words.
  • Books and Instant Insomnia – The canaries chart the diverse literary fauna, including the dangerous genus of books guaranteed to knock you out cold with one swipe of their battered, coffee-splattered covers. Readers beware.
  • Sneak peek at the Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore – We just can’t stay away from some books. Here is (well, was) a sneak peek at the next book in our favorite-love-to-hate series. Also the reason why no one trusts theothercanary.
  • Harry Dresden Around the World – Ever wonder what  a fifteen-year-old anime Harry Dresden battling flying werewolves looks like? Here are some international covers – Japan, France, Russia, and more. What else was I gonna do waiting for the November release of Cold Days?

Books Read in 2012:

My reading goal for 2012 was to read 150 books. I failed with a flat 134 – but there were plenty of jewels in the bunch. Here are some of the reading highlights of this year:

Everything Ever by Jim Butcher – Despite a rocky start and mostly due to strong and somewhat threatening encouragement from theothercanary, I powered through the lackluster first couple novels of the Dresden Files…and fell in love.

Worldsoul by Liz Williams – Picked up on a lark, this book skyrocketed up my list. It combines lovely character-building with an even more awesome world-building concept and execution this side of Terry Pratchett. I have already picked up Snake Agent by this author and I’m looking forward to starting it in the new year.

City of Promise by Dawn Prough – Out of all the self- and independently published books I read this year, Prough’s novel stands up for having the most clever and creative premise – and one based on a real life engineering proposal that never happened. Vampires in a city floating in the middle of an ocean. Nuff said.

Demon Bound by Caitlin Kittredge – I’d grown tired of the same-old, too-quirky paranormal/urban fantasy narrative voices when this book came along and reignited my love for the genre. Gritty, snarky, and desperate. I love it.

And so many more!


What are some of your memorable 2012 reads?

4 thoughts on “[Small Chirps] Reading back on 2012

  1. Most memorable reads of 2012 for me is a series. I’ve been enjoying the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind and am almost finished with the whole set of 13 or so. Since I found out my Kindle will read out loud to me while I’m driving to and from work, I’ve gotten a lot more “reading” done 🙂

  2. OH no no no. You’ve just made my goal of 50 books a mere achievement. I’ve managed to read 41 books and I thought that was much!! Where do you ever find the time to read 134 books?! Tell me please! 😀

  3. I didn’t have an official goal, but I read fewer than you (130) when I don’t count the piles upon piles I read for school. And a few in that 130 were picturebooks and/or short stories published as Kindle Singles, so they are separate entities on Goodreads. So I say well done to you!

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