[Small Chirp] Watch the First Four Minutes of Warm Bodies

Somewhere along the line, I became completely obsessed with zombies. I guess it’s not entirely surprising; the only thing that scares me more than zombies are sharks, and I eagerly anticipate the Discover Channel’s “Shark Week” with rabid fervor. The gateway drug that was Feed has extrapolated into a full-blown addiction.

And that’s why I let out a squeal when I heard that Fandango had a sneak peek at the first four minutes of “Warm Bodies,” the quirky teen romance based on the book by Isaac Marion. I have to say, after the video, I’m even more excited about the film.

I think the idea that there are spectrums of zombies is at once fascinating and terrifying. Think about it – the reason why the survivors in all of those horror movies can cope with their new world is because they know they’re not killing other human beings; they’re killing mindless monsters. But this “Warm Bodies” world appears to have sentient zombies along with the heinous mindless types. In all reality, I suppose the aware zombies get the worst end of the deal; imagine eating someone you know is a person and being unable to stop yourself from doing so. It twists my mind into a terrified little pretzel just thinking of all the moral consequences.

Regardless, this clip made me laugh out loud at least three times. I absolutely cannot wait for the movie when it hits theaters on February 1st. And expect a review of the book it’s based on soon!

The trailer for the film is below.


Canaries, what are your favorite scary thrills?


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