[ Small Chirp ] Making a comeback–Artemis Fowl

I was in line at a coffee shop when I got a book-reading tip from my dino-headed canary friend. There was an eighth Artemis Fowl book coming out,  the text message informed me.

“Whaaaat?” I said.

“Your coffee, ma’am,” the guy at the register explained, but that did nothing to clear up my confusion. An eighth book? I thought the Artemis story arc was over with the seventh book?

Then excitement set in. The Artemis Fowl series had it all–wit, adventure, brilliant and vivid characters, and a fun dose of plot action. And now, the series just might be making a comeback with Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian (July 2012).

 There’s only one person who’s managed to get the better of criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl, and Opal Koboi is back with a vengeance.  The evil pixie has set off a mystical alarm system  buried deep in the earth, reanimating dead fairy warriors under the Fowl Manor estate. Artemis has until sunrise to banish the spirits or they’ll march off to continue fighting the war between fairies and human–a war that has been over for millenia. And if that isn’t enough, these ancient spirits have possessed the bodies of the Fowl Manor staff, the Fowl estate woodland creatures, and worse yet, Artemis’ mother and little brothers.

And if this upcoming eighth Artemis Fowl book makes as big a splash as its predecessors, it might just throw the Artemis movie discussions on the fast track. What Artemis Fowl movie, you ask?

Well, the rumor mill has six-time Academy Award nominee director Jim Sheridan (“Get Rich or Die Tryin'”, “In America”) in discussions to direct a movie based on Colfer’s first book. In a 2006 e-mail to fan site Artemis Fowl Confidential, Colfer said that if the movie goes ahead, the story will focus “mainly [on] the first book but with a few huge surprises.” In a January 2011 Q&A, Colfer said he’d been assured progress is being made–but slowly. I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed. After Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, it’s my top WANT-NOW adaptation.

What do you think, Canaries? Are you looking forward to book 8?

6 thoughts on “[ Small Chirp ] Making a comeback–Artemis Fowl

    • I can’t wait!

      If you can get a hold of the audio recordings, they have one of my favorite readers ever. Utterly engaging and really brings out the humor of the books.

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