Small Chirp: Dear Paranormal Fiction

Dear Paranormal Fiction (and you too, Urban Fantasy),

There is a place and time for your heroine to volley smart-ass remarks. There is a place and time for your hero to be an insufferable bastard. Everywhere else, please make your characters act like human beings (even if they aren’t).




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2 thoughts on “Small Chirp: Dear Paranormal Fiction

  1. Aw, but I’d have scrap my whole story! I jest. But, really? You *don’t* want me showing off how clever & witty I am on each page? But, how would you know, otherwise?
    Ok, time for my anti-sarcasm pill.

  2. Agreed. Sometimes, those witty characters aren’t as witty as they may appear. Wit ought to be one of those “once in awhile” things that lighten the really depressing, dark, and/or awful things going on, not something that happens once every page. It gets tiresome otherwise.
    This is definitely a confusion chart. It took a little while to work through it and figure out when’s a good time for that wit to show up.

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