[ Book Review ] Indie Series: Slippery Souls

Slippery Souls by Rachael H. Dixon

(Sunray Bay, #1)

This book was delightful, in the full, italicized sense of the word. It takes on a vivid, irreverent style (think Terry Pratchett) and melds it with some dark(ish) fantasy.

One moment, Libby is marching out of the grocery store, jug of milk in hand, set on breaking up with her slob of a boyfriend-soon-to-be-ex. The next, she is killed by a hit-and-run. When she wakes up, she’s in a beach house at Sunray Bay, a kind of afterlife, she assumes, since her also-dead-dog Rufus can now talk.

But not all is as it seems at the sunny beach town, and it certainly isn’t Heaven. Within an hour of her arrival, Libby is chased by the head of the local monster slayers, helps a (very hawt and rugged) rogue ex-operative, and finds herself at the top of the Mayor’s Most Wanted list.

Libby’s adventures are part humor, part mystery thrill, and part romantic subplot. Author Rachael Dixon debut novel takes the oldest fantasy trope in the book (bringing Libby over to a new world and dumping her there to flounder) and gives it her own, delectable spin.

I do take canary off due to a conspiracy of small issues. A few typos, my own personal struggle with the overarching logic of the world and Libby’s ability to take so very much in stride interrupted my immersion in the story several times.  Her coping skills (and unshakeable faith in her romantic interest) were an incongruity in an otherwise wonderful bit of character-building.

All in all, I fell in love with the use of non-linear narrative at the opening, and (of course and absolutely) the writing style. Memorable characters, deft narrative decisions, and a take-no-nonsense protagonist make for a flock of happy canaries.

Dixon sums up her novel with the following words, and I couldn’t have put it better:

“It is an urban fantasy, by the seaside, and if you still don’t know what on earth that means, it’s a book containing a whole host of colourful characters, including a vampire with obsessive compulsive disorder and a penchant for dinner gloves, a handful of chain-smoking werewolves, an agoraphobic witch who lives in a lighthouse, a talking dog and a fairly ordinary 20-somethingyear-old called Libby Hood.”

Oh and if you’ve already read Slippery Soulsyou can enter a competition to have a character in the upcoming sequel named after you (deadline to enter: March 31st).

Try the free sample of the first novel on Smashwords and see what you think:

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