Book Review: When running away from school doesn’t go according to plan…

Book Review: The Green Rider by Kristen Britain

Book 1 of the Green Riders Series

Running away from school, Karigan gets only as far as the forest when she runs across a King’s Green Rider, two black arrows stuck in his back. Before he dies, the man begs Karigan to take his message and deliver it to the king. Her ride to the capital is dogged by shadowy figures, specters, and ancient beasties of the dark magics beyond the borders. And that’s just the first half of the book. On her side, Karigan has The Horse, a budding talent for magic, and a hefty dose of desperation.

Britain’s debut novel takes us (and Karigan) on a hero’s journey as she’s chased across the countryside by villains seeking to overthrow the kind and plunge the kingdom into chaos.

A magical horse, King’s Riders who have secret magical powers in a world that distrusts magic, a conspiracy against the crown, and a strong, young female protagonist who is the kingdom’s last hope. If you’ve ever read anything Mercedes Lackey (say, Arrows Flight), this might be sounding vaguely (or not so vaguely) familiar. But I come bearing good news. This is a fine stand-alone book.

There’s some flashback to the high fantasy genre in Britain’s debut novel; half of the time, Karigan is saved by convenient allies/creatures that recognize how very special she is. Remember the part in Lord of the Rings when the eagles swoop down and carry Frodo away from imminent-death-by-exploding-volcano? And you just think, why didn’t they do that before?  and Damn, that’s cheating. Then again, part of your brain is probably doing a jig of, That’s so neat! too.

And so was mine as I read Green Rider.  It was a fun read and it felt great to dive right back into the fantasy genre.


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