Advanced Book Review: White Witch by Trish Milburn

Book 1 of the Coven Series

Publication date: March 01, 2012

“Hot tears burn my eyes as I watch the last of the black coloring disappear from the tips of my long, blond hair, draining away into nothingness. I swipe at the tears as I curse my image. Fate seems determines to smack me at every turn. Not only does my witch DNA evidently make my hair resistant to dye, but soon I’m going to have to use the inhuman power I want so desperately to leave behind.”

–Jax Pherson, on dying hair black. (pg. 1)

Jax is a 16-year-old  in hiding. The people after her? Her family: the dark, ruthless coven of powerful witches that wants to make her into a killer. But Jax is going to make a stab at her dream of being normal instead, enrolling in high school, making friends, and doing normal teenage things. But normal becomes a bit more complicated when she finds herself falling for a Hunter and dodging the vicious baseball throws of a jealous Mean Girl.

As a character, Jax is superstrong, Cursed with Awesome, superfast and model gorgeous–and would rather be anything but. The supporting cast includes the very handsome and edgy hunter, a young Joss Whedon fan with great hair, and a late guest appearance from Jax’s shadowy past.

The book is 188 pages of pure, undiluted YA Paranormal Romance. First person angst meets high school drama as the story moves quickly down the relationship aisle of suspicion and dawning infatuation. Yet Jax is faced with a painful dilemma: if she gives in to her feelings, she risks falling in love, and a witch in love loses her powers. With her family hunting her, that’s not an option.

…but hunter guy is hawt. What’s a girl to do?

And so begins what looks to be romance author Trish Milburn’s first young adult series. It’s a great pick for anyone who loves a clumsy heroine, teen angst, and the kind of intense love connection so often seen in teen paranormals like Twilight.


Complimentary copy courtesy of
Netgalley and Bell Bridge Books.


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