[ Small Chirp ] 2012 New Year Reading Resolutions

Pirate Canary‘s Reading Resolutions:

My 2012 reading resolution is twofold: first is to read 75 books by the end of the year. I made it to just about 60 this year, which is nothing to sneeze at, but there are so many fantastic books out there, and as a quick reader (when I make the time), I should be able to cover more ground.

The second part of my reading resolution is to do just that–cover more ground! I’ve got my favorite few shelves in the library, and it’s time I wander a little further. I took a walking tour of the library and rediscovered whole sections I’d forgotten were there. Books about other countries, classic novels, funny compilations of essays by comedians, entire books dedicated to the lives and habits of eels! Why am I still rereading my old favorites for the 17th time when I could read any of these? (Well, we’ll see about the eels, but you get my point.) I’m ready to explore new territory in 2012, as well as keep up with what’s new and wonderful in my favorite genres.

As a coda, part of the “explore new territory” resolution is to read more of the Great Novels. The MLA’s list of the 100 Best Novels is a solid collection, if a bit heavy on the dead white male demographic, so I’ll aim to read about 10 of those in 2012.

Library Canary‘s Reading Resolutions:

My resolutions are pretty simple: I want to take the time to enjoy what I read. So many years I resolve to read a certain number of books, or tackle and finish a particularly challenging book. That is often rewarding in and of itself, but I don’t always remember what I’ve read! So this year, I want to really take in what I’m taking in.

TheOtherCanary‘s Reading Resolutions:

I want to read differently–deeper. Often as a reviewer, I tend to look at a story solely from an entertainment perspective. I want to start taking in more of the structure of the novel itself–how the prose is crafted and how the characters evolve in relation to the plot. I especially want to do this when reading YA. I am finding that, even in the novels targeted to young readers, the ones that fail are the ones that underestimate the sophistication of the reader.

Moonblind Canary‘s Reading Resolutions:

My reading goals are sparse for the coming year. For much of 2011, I parked myself in front of Netflix and set about watching all of their instant streaming. While this is enjoyable, I need to splice in some reading. Thus I will hold myself to two books a month. One has to be a fun book. One has to be a book that will make me a better writer. Four of those months are going to be full of words, because the entire Game of Thrones series is sitting nice and pretty and new on my bookshelf. Those books alone would be enough of a New Year’s resolution.

CanaryTheFirst‘s Reading Resolutions:

I want more. I want to read more, and remember more of what I read. In 2011, I set my reading goal at 100 books, and I met it. But I also don’t remember much of the popcorn fiction I’ve read this year–who killed whom, what, why?

Books should be memorable. So I will be making a list (perhaps a sampling from the goodreads popular reads for the fun fiction, and a dive into an official for some depth), checking it twice, and hopefully, downloading those books onto my new Nook so I’ll end up reading them.

I’m not about to slow down, though, so I still want to hit 100 books in 2012. (I can’t wait for the goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge widget to become available.) But I want to make sure that this hundred sticks in my memory when December 2012 comes rolling ’round.


These are our reading resolutions. What are yours?

4 thoughts on “[ Small Chirp ] 2012 New Year Reading Resolutions

  1. Piratecanary- I highly suggest PG Wodehouse if you want some lighthearted, witty, classic British humor. I just discovered him in 2011, and he is marvellous. Anything with Jeeves in the title is great, as is Damsel in Distress. They are all public domain and free as ebooks on Gutenberg and Archive.org, and most of the are offered as audiobooks for free by Librivox.org

    My reading goals: finish series that I’ve started, finish War and Peace, and the Federalist papers. Then I’m returning to history books, I’m a little fantasied-out for the moment.

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