Advance Review: Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh

Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh

Expected publication date: November 15, 2011

You may also have noticed a trend in my most recent reads–Beauty and the Werewolf by Mercedes Lackey, the short stories in the Firebirds anthology, and the way retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast story keep popping up in my Top Five listings. So it’s no surprise I picked up Lord of the Abyss.

But unlike the traditional belle of this trope, Liliana is the one who makes her way to the castle to save the beast from himself. She knows about the curse that stole Micah’s memories and twisted who he was. Soon, there will be nothing left of the man he was, and–more importantly for Liliana, when that happens, the future she had seen in a vision will come to pass, and there will be no one left to defeat the evil Blood Sorcerer who’s intent on taking over the kingdoms (also her father).

When I first saw that Nalini Singh was contributing to the series (with Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe and Jessica Andersen), I went and got my hands on the first book, Lord of the Vampires by Gene Showalter. That turned out to be a DNF–I couldn’t connect to either the story (girl travels from modern world into magic world and gets mistaken for the deceased evil princess) or the characters (all of whom were very, very…very.). So instead of reading the books in order, I jumped to this fourth and last installment to the series.

Turns out, Lord of the Abyss does perfectly fine as a stand-alone.

It also stands out in the pile of paranormal romances by presenting a heroine who is not brain-numbingly beautiful. Her character is also informed by her terrible childhood, but Singh plays it up to just the right note, never letting the story drag over to the realm of bewailing and oh woe-ing. In little more than 200 pages, the author also manages to bring the (adorable) relationship-building that is often so lacking in the shorter Harlequin novels.

I’d recommend the book to anyone who enjoys serial romances, alpha males, characters pushed together by circumstances, and heroes with tragic pasts.

It was a fun, light, sexy read.

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