[ Pitch Slapped ] What say you?

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Do you have a pitch or synopsis that you’d like to send to the sacrificial altar?  Email it our way with the subject “Pitch Article Submission” at canarypost@gmail.com, or see our editing services at the tab at the top of the page.

8 thoughts on “[ Pitch Slapped ] What say you?

  1. It’s my inability to properly construct a pitch that led me to self-publish. A cop out, I know, but I just couldn’t get my head out of the details of my novel to condense it. Good luck to all the souls braver and more clever than I!

  2. You still have to have some sort of blurb when you self-publish, don’t you? So, you still need a pitch. These Canaries know what they’re doing. I highly recommend their services.

    Actually, since my book is still unfinished, I found working on my “pitch” to be extremely helpful in shaping some of my ideas, to really pull them in line and give a greater shape to the whole book. Same thing when I had a go at writing a one-page synopsis. I find these exercises extremely helpful

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  4. Pitch slapped! LOVE IT! When I get my pitches together, I’m submitting them!!! Slap ’em all you want!!!

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