6 thoughts on “Livin’ the Romance. Together.

  1. Imagine the added baggage of dating an immortal with a realistic love-life history… Not to mention the self-esteem issues of growing older while they remain forever in their prime.

    • What’s worse is that I can never quite believe that they’d fall for a plain-(often whiny)-Jane kind of girl that our average-everywoman-heroine tends to be. Sometimes, these books explain it by way of a magical, mystical bond, but even then, I can’t imagine a more frustrating pairing. Surely it’d be like a 15-year-old being best friends with a second-grader. At best, it’s a patronizing fondness.

      Hmm, now I wanna read a romance where the female is the angsty ancient something-or-other and the guy is human. I wonder if it’d sell, if only for novelty’s sake.

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